As an American citizen do you believe in the words "We the People of the United States of America"?

Asked by: RCM
  • "We the People"

    I as a American believe in those words. It is what made this country great and will again make us great in the eyes of the world. And it takes all; rich, poor, white, black, red, yellow, green. Polka-dot, male, female. Gay or not, regardless of religion believes or ethnic background to make this country great and it takes all of us to make this country grow.

    Posted by: RCM
  • NO, it is an ideology.

    The constitution is terse and old and guarantees virtually few rights. The rights guaranteed by the constitution are parsimonious by international standards and frozen in amber. Most nations take their constitutions and revise them for the zeitgeist about every twenty years. Thomas Jefferson in 1789 wrote to James Madison that our constitution should expire in twenty years and be amended for the current world of the day. Even Anthony Scalia of the Supreme Court said, "Every Banana Republic has a bill of Rights. Big deal".

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