• Always concerned about my money

    You are an investor, therefore when ever you put your money somewhere and invest it, it is a gamble. So therefore, no matter what the market or how good the market may be, it can always crash. So long story short, investors of all types should be concerned about where they invest.

  • Junk Should Always Imply Concern

    There is a reason that the junk bond market refers to its products as 'high-yield' investment. Marketing is the key to developing an industry, and the branding of junk bonds as high-yield attracts investors. The fact is that junk bonds pay out more interest for a reason, and that reason is because of the risk attached to the bond issuers. Investors should always be concerned about the junk bond market.

  • Investing in the junk bond market shouldn't be a concern

    Investors are watching the junk bond market and new calls of concern are being instigated from brokers. This steady market has seen better days, but as investors know, the junk bond market hasn't drastically changed over the past seven months and it appears to be on the same track for the future. Investors should not be overly worried about the junk bond market.

  • No, I'm not.

    I have been out of bonds for awhile and I don't believe that junk bonds are a true indicator of the market in an way. I think it is always good to learn from history but the evidence of a junk bond swing right before a downturn isn't a strong enough association for me to be concerned

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