• Yes passed his prime

    Big Ben is passed his prime, though his prime was not that great. Big Ben fit well with the Steelers and did what he was supposed to do. He is big enough to take a beating and deliver the ball. He was never great and never will be but his Superbowl rings will be admired.

  • Yes he is on the downside

    I never thought Big Ben was an outstanding quarterback to begin with. He was a great fit for the system in Pittsburgh. Since then the system has faded a bit and with it Big Ben is fading off too. I think he is still capable but is not going to be elite.

  • He is too old.

    Yes, Ben Roethlisberger has passed his prime, because he is too old to be a strong competitor anymore. When someone is past their prime, they should move on and allow the younger generation to take over. Roethlisberger just cannot keep up with the younger players like he used to. He has had his day and it is someone else's turn.

  • Yes, he has

    Roethlisberger is a statue, one of the last remaining quarterbacks to be one that there is. He's taken so many hits over the years because he's relied on his ability to be difficult to bring down, he was never the best decision maker and now physically the clock in his head doesn't go off fast enough so he's a turnover machine as well.

  • As of 2014, Ben Roethlisberger has not passed his prime.

    As of 2014, Ben Roethlisberger has not passed his prime. Roethlisberger earned the AP NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2004 and his first Pro Bowl selection in 2007. He became the youngest Super Bowl-winning quarterback in NFL history, helping lead the Steelers, in his second professional season, to a 21–10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL at the age of 23. Roethlisberger led the Steelers to a second Super Bowl title in four seasons as they defeated the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII, 27–23, after completing a game-winning touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes in the final 35 seconds.

  • Next season will tell.

    Earlier this season I would of thought that, but him and the Steelers really played well down the stretch and were a missed field goal away from making the playoffs. If the Steelers do well next season then I would say no, but if they miss the playoffs I would think he is past his prime.

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