As of 2018, people have been accusing cops of acting above the law. Is this true?

Asked by: ArianaSmith02
  • Some cops are currently abusing their power!

    Police officers are currently loosing their jobs for unlawfully detaining citizens. It’s alarming knowing that the people that swore under oath to protect citizens are actually the ones that are harming them. The government has turned a blind eye to what has been happening on American soil. I have seen videos, news articles, and personal encounters that some officers are taking constitutional rights away from free Americans. We all have different opinions but I do think some people may agree with me on this one.

  • Not all cops are bad cops

    There is such a bad stigma against cops, Especially white cops. It sucks that the media twists everything to make it seem like the people who are trying to protect us are bad people and racist and kill whoever they want to. Sure, Some cops are absolutely insane and shoot some black people but there is no reason why black people should hate the people that are trying to help and protect them.

  • No to that extent.

    Are there cops that do abuse their authority? Sure but far less than the media makes it look like.
    1) The punishment given to law enforcement is twice that of a normal citizen. Combine that with the number of people behind bars that would hold a grudge against any police officer and you have a huge deterrent in breaking the law.
    2) A single abuse of authority would not only get charges dropped on that case but could jeopardize past cases that they worked on.
    3) The fake media that promotes it. If we look at various news footage, we see scenes out of context or from poor point of view. The public only sees the person being roughly treated but rarely, if ever, sees why the officer treated them as such. In some cases, the media has used false testimony like that of Dorian Johnson in the Brown shooting that convinced the public that the officer killed Brown in cold blood.
    4) Lack of accountability by the perpetrator. Far too often, we hear people make claims like being pulled over for a DWB (driving while black) as if the reason wasn't because of how they were driving or what they were seen doing that caused police attention. No, it had nothing to do with me going 40 over the speed limit or it had nothing to do with me fleeing when the officer drove by. Look, if the officer abused you because of your race, then why you and not the hundreds of others of your race that the officer just drove past without doing anything?

    Personally, I have a high level of respect for the police. They have a tough job that pays little and draws a lot of hatred. Each day you have to deal with the lowest people and are more likely to be spit on than thanked. It's no wonder why many of them tend to be cold as you can't be emotional and do that type of work.

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