As of May 2015, 2.3 Million Americans still subscribed to AOL Dial Up Internet: Is the internet dying soon?

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  • No, the internet is not dying soon

    No, the internet is not dying soon unless something of the same nature comes along to replace it. The internet cannot simply disappear now without a replacement. Maybe there will be an easier and faster way for people to connect and get information in the future. This is the only thing that could get rid of the internet.

  • No, I don't think the Internet is dying.

    I don't think the Internet is dying. I think Americans are spending their money on what they can afford. We are going through so much of a recession right now that the low-income citizens are still using AOL. If I didn't need to submit work quickly every day, I'd be using AOL dial-up Internet, too.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    The numbers from AOL show these people are stubborn. The number of dial-up subscribers plummeted in the mid-2000s, but since then the decline has been pretty slow. AOL counted 4.6 million dial-up users in 2010, and only 500,000 people or so leave every year.
    At this rate, there will still be dial-up users out there in 2019.
    Keep in mind, this comes at a time when the Federal Communications Commission says staying connected is so important, it's regulating high-speed Internet as a public utility. That's why the FCC adopted historic Internet rules in February.

  • No, the internet is not dying anytime soon.

    No, the internet is not dying anytime soon. It is a mainstay of our society. No one works, goes to school, enjoys entertainment or even cooks without the internet. If anything, it is growing. AOL itself may be dying, or possibly other providers, but the internet is definitely here to stay.

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