As people rely more on technology to solve problems, will the ability of humans to think for themselves deteriorate?

  • Agree: already deteriorating

    We rely on calculators, our cell phones and Google for most of our daily needs. Most have even lost the ability to read a map! Hand a teenager or someone in their early 20s a map and see what they do with it! The ability to do simple tasks escapes most people. I think this leads to less creativity... I understand that we can "create" with computer but is it actually something new or just building on to something that is already there. In other words "improving" on an existing structure.
    Well.... Just look there is spell check even at the end of this post :)

  • The ability is already deteriorating.

    As people rely more on technology, the ability for humans to think for themselves is deteriorating. I am even guilty of this. I'm in university now and I will admit that I use google to google homework answers as well as answers to my online tests. I have not learned as much as I used to learn since technology has been readily available to me.

  • Technology Requires Problem Solving Skills

    I do not believe people will lose the ability to think for themselves nor do I believe technology will cause this trait to deteriorate. Technology is a great and we do use it, maybe sometimes too often, but it also requires a lot of trouble shooting and thinking outside of the box.

  • The ability for humans to think for themselves will not deteriorate.

    The ability for humans to think independently will not deteriorate due to growing reliance on technology. I believe it will be within the best interests of such technological corporations to actually promote against full reliance upon technology. This scenario can be reminiscent of the Skynet corp within the Terminator franchise; full reliance on machines could possibly lead to insurrection.

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