As the richest man/woman in the world, Educate us on how we (Nigeria) can move from a consuming nation to a producing and exporting nation.

  • Oil and Agriculture

    We can shift from oil producing country to mainly agriculture, Or as an oil producing country lets actualize the building of own refinery, Agricultural equipment to subsistence farmers in other to become oil producing country, If we achieve this then we solely move our aim from consumption to production country,

  • Do the opposite of what you are doing

    Stop buying foreign cars and stuff. Invest your money on your countrymen.
    Invest in renewable power and resources and stop dealing with foreign companies.
    Invest in farmers or hire people to be farmers.
    Invest in local businesses or create new ones and give them to to people.
    ONE important thing though. It is easy to find people who will take your money but it is harder to find honest people who deserve your money.

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