As they continue to win, should the San Antonio Spurs be known as one of the best teams in the NBA?

  • A history of excellence

    The Spurs have done what very few teams have been able to do, especially in the modern free agent era. They have managed to put together a series of very strong seasons, most of which culminated in a championship. The Spurs deserve to be known as one of the greatest teams in the modern era, if not ever.

  • Best in History

    The Spurs probably should have been too old to remain competitive about 5 years ago, yet they continue to remain a contender for something like 17 years now. There is nothing exciting or flashy about how they do it but its pure basketball the way its meant to be played. The way it was invented and grew, not just "athletes" dunking and running they display the real skill the game is intended to require.

  • The Spurs are the best NBA team ever

    At the point when a champ wins the finals in an overwhelming manner which uproots all uncertainty in respect to who the best group was that year, and that group appears as though its headed UP, they must be viewed as the top choices.

    To even the most pessimistic Spur fan, this is a Spur group that has been enhancing for quite a long while alongside another plan that mentor Popovich has actualized, and they have a youthful player in Kawhi Leonard who appears to be ready to wind up significantly better.

  • No, the San Antonio Spurs should not be known as one of the best teams in the NBA.

    Noone thought the Spurs would make it this far this season. They really seem like they are lucking into every win. Everyone thought that The Los Angeles Clippers would sweep them. The Spurs will probably still lose the series to the Clippers and that will end their season, well short of the NBA title game.

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