Ashley Tisdale weds Christopher French: Should we care about celebrity weddings?

  • Celebrity Weddings Are Fun

    Yes, I find celebrity weddings and celebrity gossips fun. The wedding is "the event" in a every girl`s, and I, as a woman, am highly attracted to wedding news, photos, guest list and all other grooms and brides details. I, often, buy a magazine, just for the purpose to read about a celeb wedding and always read online wedding materials and watch videos, when available.

  • Yes, we should care about celebrity weddings.

    Celebrities in our society take on a multitude of different roles. They influence fashion, culture, political thought and social norms. Through their work and/or stature, we come to know their personas. Therefore, it is only natural that we are inclined to care about their personal lives. We attach to what they share in a public setting, and become curious about their personal lives. It is the same curiosity that sparks questions about a neighbor's marital status, or our president's. While the media certainly takes advantage of this interest, it is an instinctive desire to connect that makes us care about a celebrity's personal life.

  • I don't care. Ever.

    First off, there are actual, serious world events going on, and people who only follow "entertainment" news make me feel sick. WWIII could be brewing in the Ukraine and we stop everything to watch some generally talentless hacks get married? Yikes.

    Second off, these people aren't really getting married. Most celebrities get married like three times. Sometimes these so-called marriages only last a year! That's not being married in my book. In fact, it's a mark of shame. How many times do you want to get married? How many families do you want to create and then tear apart? It's a joke.

  • Who cares? Honestly!

    Would anyone care about my wedding? Only my family would care. What makes some famous singer more important than me? A person who auto-tunes their voice, gets professional makeup, and wins singing awards, is called a celebrity in our world. They are just a person, and their marriage should not be any more important than mine will be. And plus, it is an invasion of privacy! Today, people freak out when a celebrity just talks to another celebrity! Everyone should just calm down, and not freak out about a wedding that they were not invited to. When a person doesn't invite you to their wedding, it means that they don't care if you know about their love life.

  • Who Cares About Celeb Weddings

    Most celebrity weddings last about as long as a carton of milk. Some people waste their lives being obsessed with these sorts of things. It is sad. Pay more attention to your own social and work life and you will be much happier. Celebrity wedding mania is a waste of limited time on this planet.

  • We should not care about celebrity weddings.

    We should not care about celebrity weddings for three reasons. First, there are much more important things going on in the world than who is marrying whom in Hollywood. Second, it is a waste of media. The media would have much more success if they would cover stories that would actually benefit the general populations. Lastly, it is a breech of the celebrities' privacy. I would not have wanted my wedding watched by one million people, or even talked about by one hundred people! Therefore, we should not care about celebrity weddings.

  • You want to know what really bothers me...

    When your local "news" talks about the latest celebrity gossip and mentions a celebrity marriage. That's my problem. These stories are over-glorified to make it sound as though this is the most important story of the day. Oh, we don't have any other issues to worry about. Our country is bombing another country and over 30 civilians were killed, but first we have "Breaking News: Carrie Underwood is pregnant!" Oh Em F***ing Gee!

    Posted by: S.K

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