Asia Super Grid: Should the parties involved move forward with the renewable energy plan?

  • Yes, renewable energy is crucial

    The parties involved in the Asia Super Grid have an obligation, not only to themselves but also to the entire planet, to make progress with their renewable energy plan. Virtually all scientists agree that climate change is a real phenomenon and will only become worse in the coming decades. Moving away from non-sustainable, dirtier sources of energy is essential.

  • Renewable energy is a necessary innovation

    With as much energy as society uses, renewable resources have been scientifically proven to be environmentally beneficial. The pros far outweigh the cons; if the technology is there, humanity is morally obligated to utilize it. There is potential difficulty in implementing the Asia Super Grid, but it appears that a competent team is supervising the project. The parties involved should be allowed to move forward with this innovation.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The key to the Asian Super grid living up to its potential lies in costs, and its capacity to exchange power between countries at costs below those currently obtaining for thermal and nuclear power. It is this cost differential that will drive the scheme. But it would also ensure massive savings in carbon emissions, which would be utilized by all the countries sharing in the ASG to bolster their positions in international global warming mitigation negotiations. This is veritably a win-win solution for all, and potentially a major step towards reducing tensions between the East Asian countries.

  • The Asia Super Grid is just spreading potential problems

    Countries can share renewable energy information that they develop on their own with other countries without being linked together as part of a Super Grid. The notion that the only ways advancements can be made is when countries all join together is often proven incorrect. Innovation most often comes from competition.

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