Asian consumers shun McDonald's after food scare: Do you still eat McDonalds?

  • Yes, I would still eat Mcdonalds.

    Yes, I would still eat MacDonald's. I think that precautions had to be taken and its not a refection of the companies food. I love McDonald's and it would take allot more to scare me away from my favorite fast food provider. I think this whole thing will blow over

  • I love McDonalds!

    I still eat McDonald's quite often, probably once every couple of weeks. I know it is unhealthy and fattening, but it just tastes so good. Life is meant to be enjoyed right? And food can be an enjoyment. I do try to eat healthy most of the time and I usually know where all my food comes from because I grow and harvest much of it myself, but McDonald's sure is tasty on occasion, food scare or not.

  • Again... I stopped eating McDonald's a long time ago.

    Remember what's going in those McChicken sandwiches you're buying. If McDonald's still has a calorie counter on their website, take a good, hard, long look at it and tell me what YOU think. I'm still shocked they serve french fries. Their fries are sub-par at best, and they taste horrendous.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No, I do not eat at McDonald's.

    I feel that not only Asian consumers have shunned McDonald's but also more than a few Americans as well. The foods they use are bad for your health, they have a lot of added chemicals to the foods for preserving them. The greasiness, the exuberant amounts of salt, the tasteless meat and the threat of disease from unclean persons handling food you eat is a big turn off and keeps my family from wanting to eat from this company.

  • I don't like McDonald's

    I don't like McDonald's. I ate there when I was little occasionally, and it was fine then. But as I got older the food started tasting like -- not real food. I don't like the taste of any of the meals there. There is little fast food I actually like.

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