Assad Open to Negotiation: Should the U.S. negotiate peace with the Syrian leader?

  • The U.S. Has Nothing To Lose.

    It is reasonable that the U.S. should try to successfully negotiate with President Assad and possibly reduce ongoing conflict. The U.S. has a great chance to amicably talk peace as the Syrian leader is open to discuss matters and negotiate. The negotiation should be resolved by a political solution and hopefully not bribery.

  • The U.S. should negotiate peace with the Syrian leader

    Yes, the U.S. should negotiate peace with the Syrian leader. The U.S. needs to be doing everything we can to help the people in Syria. We need to listen to what the Syrian leader is asking and react appropriately. The U.S. has a worldwide social responsibility, and we need to help less fortunate countries.

  • It has gone on too long.

    What is happening in Syria is not working. Innocent people continue to die. The rebels continue to bomb the schools and the hospitals. The United States should be open to trying something else. If there's even a chance that it could save more lives, it would be worth exploring for the victims.

  • The United States has no business getting further involved in the Syrian crisis.

    The United States has never been an ally with Syria and has always declared Assad an enemy, so to negotiate a peace settlement. Only immediate neighbors should be involved in negotiating a peace agreement and preferably one that has no ties to either side. Intervening in the Syrian crisis is a mine waiting to explode and the U.S. should avoid it at all costs, unless there is a direct benefit to our nation.

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