• Yes, I think so.

    It seems so. For years, Julian and WikiLeaks fought to expose abuses committed by governments and violations of rights and victims everywhere.
    It is now completely unfair that Julian himself has become a victim due to his whistleblowing activities and as a result has suffered uncharged indefinite detention for over five years.

  • Assange is being unfairly targeted and the whole thing was staged

    Assange is being unfairly targeted and the whole story has been staged in order to get him to pay for all the leaked information he has been displaying to the world so far. The world has become a more open place thanks to Assange and other whistleblowers and we should support and protect them, for they are risking their life to show us the unknown truths and what is happening behind the curtain.

  • Yes he should get fair treatment

    Assange has became a massive target for a lot of people because of the global phenomenon that is WikiLeaks. In order to discredit him and bring him as much pain as possible it is inevitable he will be targeted in whatever people can come up with. It's awful treatment and wider society should recognise that.

  • Yes, Julian Assange is being unfairly targeted.

    Yes, Julian Assange is being unfairly targeted because he has decided to dedicate his life speaking truth to power and alerting the citizens of this world of the corruption of their leaders. These charges are overblown and should be thrown out. Mr. Assange should be treated as a hero, not a criminal.

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