Assassination of a Dictator: Do you support assassinations of foreign government officials to avoid collateral damage?

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  • Assassination is wrong.

    America is supposed to set the standard for the rest of the
    world. We are supposed to be the example
    that shows that democracy, capitalism and human rights are the right way. The moment we advocate assassination of
    sitting leaders in other countries, even if they are dictators, we show that we
    are no better than our enemies.

  • No, foreign government officials should not be assassinated.

    The assassination of a government official is what got so many countries into trouble with World War 1. Not to mention the moral issue at hand. Killing anyone for any reason other than self defense is completely and undeniably wrong. Collateral damage is going to happen regardless of who is killed, or what is done. We can not stop it by killing someone.

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