Assassination of a Dictator: Was there good reason to support assassinating Saddam Hussein?

  • There was good reason to support assassinating Saddam Hussein

    Saddam Hussein, to my knowledge, was a poor leader for his country. His administration was that of tyranny, his people continued to suffer, and instead of maintaining positive diplomacy with other nations, posed a threat to our global population. Anyone in power without the consent of their people should be removed, and that is what happened in Saddam's case.

  • No, There Was No Good Reason

    No, there was not. The United States presented itself as an assisting agent to the people of Iraq, however was merely being the World Police, and ending a regime simply because the US government disagreed with Saddam's government. Saddam Hussein's regime had not changed from the early 1990's, when the United States was more than willing to side with his government. He merely became a political pawn, eliminated because of the political tensions after 9/11/.

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