Assassination of a Dictator: Would it have been justifiable to assassinate Adolf Hitler?

  • Yes, the assasination of a Dictator would have been justifiable.

    Yes, the assassination of Adolf Hitler would have been justifiable because in my opinion it would have helped saved some of those that were oppressed by Hitler. Adolf Hitler was responsible for the imprisonment and murder of not only those of the Jewish faith but also many homosexuals, mentally ill, and those of a different ethnic background. It is my belief that by assassinating Hitler that we could have ended World War 2 sooner and saved many innocent lives.

  • He was killing millions of innocent people.

    It would have been justifiable to assassinate Adolf Hitler. He was brainwashing and killing millions of innocent people without justification, other than race, religion, looks, etc. If he had been killed it would have saved the lives of so many innocent people and prevented the brainwashing of other people in the country.

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