Assault weapons ban in the United States: Are assault weapons legitimate for hunting purposes?

  • I use them and they work great.

    People hear the term "Assault" and freak out. The reality is that the rifles are just semi automatic rifles that are capable of accepting detachable magazines.
    I use my AR 15 and an SKS for hunting and they are great. It is illegal to hunt game animals in my state with anything more than a 5 round magazine so the large capacity argument is irrelevant.
    With that being said, the ergonomics of these rifles combined with the inherently accurate design and cartridge, are more efficient at killing game with 1 well placed shot. If the animal does not go down with the first shot, the buffered recoil system on these rifles makes for a quick follow up shot thereby abbreviating the animal's suffering.
    We will never stop hunting, but these rifles do assist in a more humane approach.

  • Yes they are

    They are simple SEMI AUTOMATIC SPORTING RIFLES. The term "assault weapon" is a ridicules term created by the media to fool people into thinking they are "more dangerous" That is simply not the case. Rifles like the AR 15 were developed for sport shooting and self defense. Besides, it isn't someone's job to tell others what he/she can use to hunt.

  • Yes, they make hunting easier.

    Yes, assault weapons are legitimate for hunting purposes, because they make hunting a lot easier. If a person depends on hunting for food, they should be able to use any weapon they want to use. Hunters and the general public should be able to use any weapon for hunting that they think will be effective. That includes assault weapons.

  • Assault weapons are legitimate for hunting purposes.

    Assault weapons are legitimate for hunting purposes. When some uses a weapon of this nature to hunt, they usually deem it necessary, because they are shooting from a long distance or they are shooting something very small and they need a very precise target. People use them for legitimate hunting purposes, and that is okay.

  • Most assault weapons can be used for hunting, and most hunting rifles can be used for assault

    I have personally used an AK-47 to hunt a dear. First hand experience to answer this question aside, the notion that so called assault weapons are any more dangerous than an off the shelf rifle is not based in fact. Most assault weapons in the US are sold as semi-automatic to begin with. Which means it will only fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Most 30/06, 30/30, or similar hunting rifle can have a magazine that holds a comparable number of rounds to an AK-47. Really, the only difference between the 2 weapons if cartridge size, and one looks scarier. A person or a deer is equally dead from a good marksman with either.

  • No, I don't think so.

    I do not think that assault weapons are legitimate for hunting purposes. Most hunters I know, and I only know a few, use rifles or shotguns to hunt with. I see know reason a person would use an assault weapon to hunt with, unless they are hunting humans that is.

  • Assault Weapons Ruin Meat, Scare Away Herds

    Assault weapons used for hunting in America ruin any meat that can be gotten from the animal. The weapons are also so loud it will scare away any other animals nearby. Hunting should be done with skill in addition to proper weapons, not with firearms designed to defend oneself against dozens of enemies at once.

  • Assault weapons should be banned.

    Assault weapons should be banned. If a hunter really thinks that they need assault weapons in order to properly hunt legal animals, than they probably should not be hunting. A rifle can shoot any deer that an assault rifle can--and probably more accurately. Assault rifles should stay banned in America.

  • No One Really NEEDS Assault Weapons

    While gun enthusiasts may be excited about collecting assault weapons, no one really needs these items, not even for self defense or for hunting purposes. Assault weapons, in general, are not used for hunting and generally are not allowed by agencies for hunting purposes. Assault weapons are made and engineered to destroy and therefore are not typical for self defense, either.

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