Assault weapons ban in the United States: Are assault weapons unnecessary for self-defense?

  • Yes, they are.

    Assault Weapons are unneeded for self-defense. It feels like going overboard and taking an extra step that wasn't required in the first place. Normal hand guns, and locking doors, being safe and aware of the surroundings is enough to protect a person. There is no reason for people to own anything more extreme than that.

  • Would a robber be more scared of an AK then a revolver?

    Assault weapons are way to much for self defense. A hand gun or rifle is more than enough for protection against anything besides a gang of guys with guns, and the normal everyday American does not have to worry about this kind of problem. I do believe that they are overkill for self defense but still believe that people should have the right to own them and fire them in safe shooting ranges.

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