Assault weapons ban in the United States: Is a ban consistent with the 2nd amendment of the US constitution?

  • The 2nd Amendment Doesn't Specify

    If you read the second amendment, is states that we have the right to bear arms. It doesn't specify which type of arms--handguns, assault rifles, etc. Therefore, they have no right to ban guns. It says they can have guns; It doesn't say they can only bear some firearms.

    Sure, some massacres were committed with an assault rifle. But banning assault rifles won't stop criminals from obtaining them. Take marijuana for example. It is illegal federally, yet many people still smoke it, majority of which don't even get caught. The law won't stop people from obtaining these weapons.

    If you look at the statistics, more people died from hammers, knives, drunk driving, and medical malpractice (each one solely) in 2011. Are we going to ban those next?

    Lastly, some people currently have them in their homes. Not everybody is going to fork it over, even if they have pure intentions. The government cannot just go from house-to-house searching for them--violation of the fifth amendment. Is the government just going to let them keep it?

  • Assault Weapons ban consistent with 2nd amendment

    The 2nd amendment created an armed citizen militia. Having assault weapons does not meet these criteria. The founding fathers could not have foreseen the level of technological increases that have resulted in the advanced and deadly capabilities of assault weapons in the country. We do need to protect 2nd amendment rights, but assault rifles should not be included.

  • Constitution does not specify weapon type!!!

    First of all under no circumstances is their such thing as a naturally born "assault" rifle. A weapon must be used in an assault to even be considered an assault weapon. Please say tactical firearm instead. 2nd of all Does the government honestly believe that the people should still be carrying muskets? As society advances so does our weaponry. We must have the same weapons as the Gov. for it is a known fact that all Governments go corrupt.

  • A so-called "assault weapon" ban is an unnecessary affront to the second amendment.

    Considering that very, very few people are killed with assault rifles each year, I do not think that a ban is necessary or justified. According to the FBI crime statistics, violent crime has been on a downward trend over the last 20 years. The same statistics also show that far more people are beaten to death with hands, feet, or blunt objects than assault rifles. The whole "assault weapon" hysteria has bee a fear-mongering campaign waged by gun control advocates. The actual crime data is inconsistent with the narrative being told in the media.

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