Assault weapons ban in the United States: Should citizens in the United States be banned from possessing assault weapons?

  • Why do we need them?

    There is essentially no reason to keep them around. Besides the sheer pleasure of shooting firearms, assault weapons are only an asset in violent shootings. There is no need for them in self-defense, and especially so if they are banned entirely. Assault weapons should only be available for purchase and use to the police and military.

  • Yes, citizens in the United States should be banned from possessing assault weapons.

    The sole purpose of an assault weapon is to seriously maim or kill a human being. Other guns serve an actual purpose, such as hunting, but assault weapons do not. They are designed to kill humans as quickly and as thoroughly as is possible, and, thus, are not good things for private individuals to have in their possession.

  • There already is a ban

    So called "assault rifles" are already banned in the US. An AR15 owned by a civilian shoots exactly like other firearms. Semi automatic. An assault rifle is a rifle that is fully automatic. So basically anything that looks like an M4 or M16 doesn't work the same way. Civilians can only buy semi automatic firearms. The reason people see an AR15 as an assault rifle is purely from its cosmetic features. Also people do use these firearms for hunting so that argument means nothing. So "assault rifles" are not the sporting rifle civilians use, but they are the rifles used in military and police force. If you search the rifle model Ruger 10/22 the cosmetic features added to the rifle do not make it anymore harmful, it is the same caliber and shoots the same no matter what the owner added to it. So stop calling AR15s "assault rifles" because they are not.

  • We should have it

    Self Defense

    If a person who illegally bought a gun and came into your home to kill you, how would you protect yourself. For example, when there is a robber, there is a 75 percent chance that they will come to your house for protection. In 2014 from CBS News there was a burglar running loose and when he came for protection he went to an old lady’s house. He eventually killed her. The old lady did not have any weapons to defend herself. As you can see some of the times you will need an assault weapons to defend yourself. On January 1st 2015, at 4:08 PM a wealthy black woman named Ruby walked through the entrance of a doctor’s office and fatally shot him. Not to mention, but he was a white doctor, and the person who shot him was a black wealthy woman. Some of the times you just need self defense like keeping a gun in your house.

    In 1989 there was a ban on assault weapons, but by 2004 the ban expired and the Congress had nothing to do with it, so that means that there is still assault weapons in the U.S. A few sports need assault weapons because sports like hunting. If there was no hunting how would we get most of our food. Hunting is a sport that involves guns, and without that there would be no hunting. Some ceremonies also have assault weapons for shooting because they want to make something memorial for their ceremony. For example, after the Vietnam War one of the leaders died and they had to have a ceremony. During that ceremony they shoot guns into the air to represent the war. Sometimes people use guns because they have a reason. Not just to do on purpose.


    As the Obama administration lobbies want stricter gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, some companies who make guns worry that any new ban on weapons could put U.S. military units at greater risk. Firearms experts strive the development of the M16 and M-4 rifles because of the ban that resulted in weapons that were jammed during combat conditions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Without the civilian market, military equipment will not improve says the US News. If there is no military improvements, there will be no military which will cause more deaths of innocent people. Most weapon groups, especially those who build rifles, say they'll keep up gun making until it becomes illegal either through federal law, or local ones. Some argue they will move out of states that ban the kinds of weapons the companies build for military protection. "I'm going to keep designing and keep developing," Leitner-Wise says.

  • Let them have it.

    It is every Americans right to own firearms. It is also there right to own whatever firearms that they want. It is fun to go out in a secure firing range and shoot off big guns. IT is an adrenaline rush and fun to do. I do not believe though that Americans should be allowed to carry around these weapons in every day life.

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