Assisted suicide: Does every citizen have a "right to die"?

  • Humans have the right to bodily autonomy.

    Yes, every human has the right to die. If a human wants to die, they should be able to seek assistance, if they want help to die and they should be able to commit suicide if they choose to die by themselves. If humans have the right to live, then they should have the right to die. These human rights are inalienable, meaning they should not be taken away.

  • It's an agreement between you and God

    In my own personal religious beliefs, I believe everyone has a right to life and a right to not have to suffer with death. Some of the terminally ill who will have to live for months on a machine, deserve the right to assisted suicide to compassionately end their life.

  • I will be taking my own life when my pain becomes to great.

    I am a disabled veteran. Because the VAMC system does not treat veterans pain properly many of us are choosing suicide as an option. I will not live in horrible pain and become a burden to my family. This should be my right. But as the laws stand now I will have to kill myself someplace away from my loved ones in order to protect them. Each of us should have the right to end our lives when we wish.

  • People are not property. They have a right to die.

    A persons life and body can't be owned. Every citizen has a right to die if they wish. It is cruel and unusual punishment to force someone to live a life of suffering. If the death penalty is allowed why shouldn't people be allowed to die of free will? Doctors prolong life, but they also help ease suffering when there is no way to cure the person.

  • No No No

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