Assisted suicide is now legal in Canada: Should other countries allow this as well?

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  • Death with Dignity

    Canada has made a landmark change for the betterment of humanity with this decision, and I praise them. Insisting that someone who is terminally ill and whose life has become a constant spiral of suffering should simply submit to a terrible, drawn out death just to prevent your "morals" from being ruffled is an evil thing, and it shouldn't be mandated as widely as it is. I support this change in Canada's legislation, and I hope the rest of the world follows suit.

  • Yes, assisted suicide should be legal in other countries

    Yes, assisted suicide should be legal in other countries as it is in Canada. When a person is not in good health and is suffering, the person should be allowed to end his or her suffering so long as there is nothing that medical doctors can do about it. The law should not order people to suffer. It should not only protect human life it should protect the quality of it as well.

  • Assisted suicides should be legal in more countries

    Canada should be praised for allowing assisted suicides, and more countries should follow suit. Although the law has the potential for abuse, safeguards can be put in place, such as in Oregon. This allows terminally ill people to die with dignity on their own terms. People should have the right to choose when to end their suffering.

  • I don't like the 'assisted' part

    I believe that be allowed to end your life before suffering is a great idea. I think a person should be able to make this choice so long as they are of sound mind and absolutely certain that death is impending. The problem I have with this, though, is the 'assisted' part. I don't think a person should be helping another to die. I believe that a doctor prescribing meds for a person to take at home, on their own, is as far as it needs to go.

  • No, suicide is a crime whatever the means was

    Suicide is a crime against humanity, before it is a crime against the perpetrator and whatever the reasons we should not commit suicide and for legalizing suicide in Canada it was more worthy that the government to find a solution for the person and prevent him from doing this thing

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