• Nobody should suffer from terminal illness or unmanageable mental illness

    I believe AS is a fundamental human right. There shouldn't be laws that prevent the terminally ill from dying with dignity. So if medical marijuana is legal alongside abortion rights then AS should be legal as well. Nobody has the right to interfere with other people's business. This also applies to terminal mental illness. Even severe mental illness can be an excuse to die humanely. Some mentally ill are just as hopeless as those with terminal cancers. Letting them die (if they desire to) should be an option.

  • The Religious Aspect:

    A man, going to great lengths to care for his wife who had Alzheimer's was asked, "why do you put so much into her care? Can't you see what she has become?" The man said answers, "maybe, but I remember who she was.”
    No matter where you are in life, you are still human, and are still someone's loved one. God hasn’t put us on this earth for no reason, each of us have a purpose whether we know it or not.
    Only God has control when our last day on Earth will be. In Exodus 20 God states, “You shall not kill” that commandment refers to both murder and suicide. Considered a mortal sin, suicide will prevent you from entering the kingdom of heaven.

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