Assuming God exists, does his existence give life meaning?

  • What else would?

    Yes, of course! If you don't think God exists, that's one thing, but that's not what this question is asking. If God does, in fact, exist, what could be more meaningful? What could give life more meaning than the being who created it? This question isn't asking whether or not you believe in God.

  • His existence is perhaps the main reason life has meaning

    God indeed does give life meaning, because he created it. The universe, earth, and all life only exist because God Almighty created it. From time immemorial, during a time when the only dimension was the heavens, God created everything in the beginning. As a firm believer and a man of faith, I believe that life and religion are the path to God, and that to follow this path, without sin or stray, is the ultimate meaning in life. All material and emotional ties in life (family, money, success) are all pieces of this path to God. His existence gives our life meaning because He wants us to use, cherish, and to enjoy his Creation and to receive his blessings that gave us our material and emotional ties. Only once this happens, we can realize the meaning of life, and we are then rewarded in the afterlife with heaven, or reincarnation, or any of the sort.

  • I believe so.

    If a God exists, then one would assume that She is responsible for much of what we are and how the world took place, so it would then be reasonable to think that our actions, and therefore our lives, have meaning. If a superior being exists, it seems that being would have to be connected to our purpose.

  • God does give life meaning

    Of course God exists. He is the creator of everything. He was here before the beginning of time and will be here after the world comes to an end. He took the dirt and made a man from it and then made the man a partner. He created all living things. Without God there would be no life.

  • If God Exists, which he does, than what else can be more important in your life

    I do firmly and stronly belive in exisitance of God Almighty.
    How does it change ones life?
    Who else can be more important after u beleive in GOD.
    He should be the purpose of your life than.
    Futher understanding the reason of your existence,
    and your relation with GOd.
    Then GOD should be your complete guide for ur life.

  • If God didn't exist then I don't believe life would have any meaning.

    If there is no God, then we are the product of pure chance...To live and die and then return to the cosmos. This is something modern philosophers such as Sartre and Nietzsche recognized. Nietzsche states that "God is dead" and because of that life can have no inherit meaning. Man is left to create whatever meaning he can or else fall prey to Nihilism or despair. However, does life itself give man any real meaning? I think not. The moment our own purposes for ourselves fail, we are back to were we started. Meaning has to come from something that is not subject to change or be destroyed.
    But because God is real, we have meaning. We were created with a purpose. If we believed we were created by chance we could have no purpose, but that is not the case.

  • GOD DOES NOT EXIST... You go back to where you were before your were born... IM AN ATHEIST

    “It’s a strange myth that atheists have nothing to live for. It’s the opposite. We have nothing to die for. We have everything to live for.”
    ― Ricky Gervais


  • Actually it's the reverse.

    If there is a God and God made the world, it was most likely because God required meaning. What meaning can there be in being the only thing that is? You don't even have anyone to turn to and say, "I think, therefore I am? But what's the point of it if I've nothing to think about?"

    So God most likely made the world to give meaning to himself. He broke himself into all these little pieces, little ideas that became people and animals, plants and planets.

    And everyday God tunes in on us to see what meaning are we demonstrating? How are we giving substance to his dreams? How are we making him feel real? How are we making him feel good about what he is?

    But it doesn't work in reverse. God is not a factor in our lives. He can try to inspire us to do the right things, but we are seldom listening. For us meaning is found in our own lives, our achievements, our little adventures. None of that is made any more or less meaningful by the existence of God, if he exists. Nor less meaningful if he doesn't.

    Our only possibility of getting meaning from God's existence is if we care about his well being. If we cared about this we would always do good. We would never make war. We would never give God cause to be depressed at his failure to create something good. But obviously we do not care for God or worry about his health. As a collective species there is not a day when we do not throw daggers at his heart.

    Perhaps in the end the meaning we will reveal to God will make him so depressed he'll do away with himself, and us, of course. But we do not care about the well being of God. So any meaning we find has nothing to do with God.

  • Meaning is necessarily subjective.

    If God exists, sure, he can assign meaning to our lives, but there is still no objective reason to accept that this is what our lives mean. If God exists, what reason do we have to act in accordance with his plan for us? If it is because God truly knows what's best for us and doing what God wants will maximize our happiness/fulfillment, then it is still our own happiness/fulfillment that gives our lives meaning, and God's will is laid out in accordance with that.

  • God exists, however life is still meaningless;

    Everything has a source, and every source has a source, to infinity, "there's always a bigger fish", therefore god MUST exist, and even if life is given meaning by god, what gives GOD meaning?, and what gives whatever made god meaning? And that? And that?, therefore, from the ultimate perspective, life is meaningless. - Think about it, SOMETHING had to trigger the big-bang, and something had to trigger what triggered it, where does it stop? - it DOESN'T. - think about it. "what should I do then?!" -there nothing you SHOULD do, only things you CAN and WANT to do, with that said I reccomend doing whatever LONG-TERMLY satisfies your primitive desires most,

    Posted by: Maxx
  • Life has no ultimate meaning, value, or purpose.

    If we suppose that a God gives meaning to life. Then what is the meaning? This God must not really care about whether we know it's meaning. We have many philosophers trying to do just that, but for some reason there are those who think that if God does not exist, then life is objectively meaningless. This is just an example of man not being able to live consistently and happily knowing that his life is meaningless; so in order to be happy he pretends life has meaning by inventing a God.

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Quan says2013-06-13T22:56:41.407
I think it just begs the question: what is the meaning of god's existence? Ultimately I think we just have to accept that there is no meaning.