Assuming that technology now allows for snooping into individuals' privacy, will technology destroy all civil rights eventually?

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  • No technology will not destroy all civil rights.

    Technology will be used in a way to abuse some of our civil rights. There is no doubt about that but never will it completely take away or civil liberties. There is a lot technology can and cannot due even in this day and age we are still afforded our civil rights and there are some that technically couldn't be taken away by technology.

  • No, but it will be a slow evolutionary process.

    Technology will not destroy all civil rights eventually, but there will be a fair trampling of civil rights on the way to laws evolving in order to insure our rights. There will be a lot of test cases and justice moves slowly, so it's going to be an interesting transition and one in which there will be a fair amount of turmoil.

  • Technology does not destroy civil rights. Money destroys Civil Rights.

    All of the "snooping" bills are being brought to congress by big business will the sole purpose to secure their money and create more. If big business is challenged in any way they make you look like you are ANTI-AMERICA. This is all just a new form of McCarthyism. Ran by Big Government and funded by Big Business.

  • This just in....I'm not allowed to tell you.

    I am truly frightened by this question and that is what forced me to say nay. Not as much because I am certain but more as a hope that we are resilient enough to become involved before that happens.The simple fact is, for most, that if the television submits it then most accept it out of hand. Even those that disagree with it tend to, for the most part, stay complacent and indifferent to that which isn't at their front door.

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