Assuming there could be zombies like in the movies could they really take over the way they do in the movies?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Nobody acts quicker than the United States government.

    Following an outbreak of zombies, the United States would quickly put into place a commission to research the validity of such an outbreak. Of course, funding for the commission would come from taxing the rich or by cutting funding from school programs. Months would go by as democrats and republicans feverishly debated the funding of this much needed commission. Eventually, funding would finally be granted to fight these "obamanations". Of course, Texas would quickly be overrun, as their laws protect all life past the fetus stage, up-to and including the "feed-us" stage. After many years, the zombies would reach Colorado and assimilate with the like-minded individuals who would like to do nothing else but sit around and eat all day. All in all, it would be interesting none the less.

  • It depends on a few things. For starters, the depiction of the zombies. Fast or slow?... Coordinated or can't do jack?...

    If we're talking Resident Evil zombies, then we add more criteria. If we're talking Shaun of the Dead zombies... Then I'm on the wrong side.

    So, Resident Evil style zombies. Then, it depends on the virus itself. How long does it take for the virus to kill? And how long does it take for reanimation after it does kill? How is the virus introduced into the environment? A completely unexpected side effect of a cure for cancer, or a planned work of an evil billionaire genius, who has an underground complex, and automated sentry guns guarding every exit, shooting anything that moves, until it stops moving?

    Depending on the answers to those questions, either everyone who had cancer becomes fast, strong, and brainthirsty (of course, Big Pharma wouldn't allow this scenario in the first place), or all the zombies die because the 200 automated sentries along the only exit... Each having a near endless supply of rounds....... While, all told, there are only 50 living things in the complex.

    50/50... Try not to panic... Yeah...

  • The strength of the zombie comes in numbers.

    That is what makes a takeover, if they were real that is, probably in that situation. You know the way there are various diseases that spread like wildfire and kill thousands because the population being affected has no cure? That is the same scenario we would find ourselves in, only this situation is a lot more gruesome than the Great Plague.

  • Only as defined by movies

    Most movie zombies are what I call "magic" zombies. There exists no way for any disease to infect a human body, and make it behave like it has rabies, but make it be able to move indefinitely with the lower torso removed. The circulatory system would fail and the body stop due to a lack of energy. A magic plague that can keep a dead boy animated even under extreme conditions would be unstoppable, and that is what a zombie plague is. Even most of the "realistic" zombie stories aren't based in the constraints of reality so there is nothing to worry about. For example, after 6 months even siphoning gas wouldn't work because it would have turned to sludge, but zombie movies routinely show this as working even years after the apocalypse.

  • Zombies are retarded...

    So I don't think they'd do too well in a world filled with not-so-retarded people. Of course it depends on the movie, in some zombies aren't retarded, while the classic zombie is nothing more than a shambling annoyance. I guess if you went with the "Viral Zombie" you'd have problems since finding patient zero and subsequently a cure would be very hard the longer the response took and that is defined by how long the virus incubates; if it's for years there's no way.

  • No, because zombie movies exist.

    The problem with the zombie invasions in movies is that nobody has any idea what the zombies are. Since you're suggesting a real-life attack based on those movies then we humans would have seen the zombie movies and would know how to counterattack.

    If we assume they start in one location on Earth, it will be quickly isolated and quarantined. Military sent in to deal with the zombies will know zombie weaknesses and proper tactics for defeating them.

    Really, we'd take note of the mistakes made in the zombie movies and design our strategy to avoid repeating them.

  • Zombies eat meat.

    That means that when they eat your meat you dont have any muscle to get back up and move around. But lets assume you can get up and move around. Zombies are slower than us dumber than us and they dont have guns so there is no way they could take over the way they do in the movies.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-20T21:31:27.403
Maybe before the year 2000 they would have but now people know enough to stop them.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-20T23:15:29.083
LOL! They already have. Look at how many clueless voters voted for Obama. BRRRAAAAIIINNNSSS...I mean, CHHHAAANNNGGGEEEE!
Formerland1 says2014-07-21T00:12:33.030
steffon66 says2014-07-21T01:14:14.177
You actually think that zombies could have taken over the world like they do in the movies? Zombies eat meat which means they would eat your muscles and without muscles how are you going to be fast enough to hunt humans? How are you going to hunt humans with no muscles and no guns. Youd be much slower than humans at best. 60 percent of americans own guns legally and a lot more then that own guns. Not to mention if there was an outbreak it wouldnt start all over the place it would start in one area and with the zombies missing there muscles and not having guns and being too stupid to even strategise the us government would quickly swing into action and whipe them out. Even without the us government the people in the town of the outbreak would be sufficient enough to take the slow dumb gunless zombies out. They wouldnt be able to bite people because we would be faster smarter and armed with weapons. Even the people that dont own guns have some kind of weapons. Nothing with the iq of an animal that is slower than humans could hunt a lot of people. They would quickly starve or be killed and most of them by far would be killed. We would whoop their as$es.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-21T01:14:26.847
Ah. A kindred soul.