Assuming there is no free will, can people be held morally responsible for their actions?

  • Of course. We have no choice

    If there is no free will then whether or not we hold people morally responsible for their actions is also not a choice. If we send a criminal to jail then everyone involved in the process from the police office who arrested him to the jurors who pronounced the verdict to the guards who keep him in jail had no free will but to do all of that.

  • Absolutely, they can.

    I honestly think whether there is free will not, people should be held morally responsible for their actions. As long the person committing these actions are in the right state of mind, naturally. We as people need to take the proper responsibility for our actions and we all know right from wrong.

  • People can control their behavior.

    No, even without a free will, people can still be held morally responsible for their actions, because they still have a choice, even without a will. A person can still know that behavior is wrong, but make excuses for their actions. Saying that there is no free will can even be one excuse for purposeful bad behavior.

  • No, I disagree.

    If people's behaviour is already determined, then they can only act as they do act, and cannot be held accountable for any action because determinism implies that there is no choice, but only a seeming choice for what nature plus nurture compells one to do. Without free choice, any action or decision is what would have happened anyway, so there is no point in either praising or blaming - if human beings are not free, they're not morally responsible.

  • No free will would mean that people have to do what they do

    No, if there is no free will, then the actions that people execute are not their fault. They are unable to control what, how, or if they will do a certain action. How can you hold one responsible for murder if something else drove them to do so. If free will does not exist then self control does not exist as well.

  • No not really.

    If there is no free will than technically the people who something wrong can not be held accountable for their actions, it would not make sense. If we do not have free will that means they literally had no choice in the matter and they had to do whatever it is they have done.

  • No they can't.

    Assuming there is no free will, people can not be held morally responsible for their actions. If they have no control over their actions then they are not responsible for them. This is why the idea that people have to free will is stupid and just something for criminals to blame their actions on.

  • No, not morally.

    We are the reaction of past experiences that occured beyond our control. Our actions are merely the result of our experiences. Can we be held responsible for something we couldn't help stop or do? No. As a species we follow rules or laws that are meant for beings more complex than us, beings with true individuality; something that ay not even be possible.

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