Assuming you believe in God, would you disobey Him if He commanded you to do something you found immoral?

Asked by: Kumquatodor
  • God is the author of all morality.

    Morality is simply right and wrong. God defines what is right and wrong. Therefore, if God commands me to do it, it is moral. Certainly many times in the scriptures when God commanded the Israelites to destroy whole cities or nations, there were some with reservations, but the action is justified.

  • Freedom of conscience

    I believe in the occasional necessity of rebellion. Sometimes people need to rely on their own judgment, even though people might say to disobey God will earn me a one-way ticket to Hell. Perhaps God wants people to figure out morality for themselves instead of coming to Him for answers.

  • Marcus Aurelius said

    "If there are gods, and they are just, they will not judge you based on how pious you have been, but rather on your virtues. If there are gods and they are not just, then they should not be an object of worship for us. If there are no gods, then we should live an honorable life"

  • My three words

    I think I vomited in my mouth reading the no column. How can somebody say that yes they would in fact rape a child if god told them to do it? Your moral compass is wrong, way, way wrong. And this is why religion is being treated the way it is now, and why atheists are taking such a strong stance against it.

  • Depends on the situation

    If God would really show himself to me, and I was certain it is God and not just some hallucination/ voice in my head or somebody who calls himself a prophet or something, I would first have a lot of questions to him. I would also ask why he needs me to do something if he is almighty and could do it himself. So it would probably come down to it that I would do it if God either threatens me or promises me a sufficient reward to do it. If he says he doesn't care if I do it or not, then I wouldn't do it. But since the question says "command" and not "asks nicely, without wanting to make any trouble" I guess there would be consequences for disobeying I wouldn't want to face.

  • If it means following my conscience

    Some, maybe most people say that if you disobey God, that's automatic eternal damnation. But I believe sometimes it is necessary to rebel against authority for the right reasons. There is a movie that explores this theme: Legion (2010). In the movie, God loses faith in mankind and decides to annihilate the human race. The story goes that one of the main characters is pregnant with a child destined to be mankind's savior, so God orders the archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) to kill the child, but Michael, still believing in human goodness rebels against God and protects the child.

  • Depends on how he told me

    In most cases no. If it was a voice or a dream I had where the character was God telling me to do something immoral, then no I wouldn't. It'd have to be under certain circumstances, and even then it's no guarantee. Similar to the Israelites. God watched over them through the desert, rescued them out of slavery, and guided them through the desert and fed them manna and quail. It's hard to see how you could say no to a command if God showed himself like that.

  • Probably not. Depends on what it is, obviously.

    I'm a very selfish person, it seems.
    If the reward was immortality, yeah I'd obey him. I'd do something against my moral to get that reward. Meh.
    If it's something minor, I'd do it every day, it wouldn't matter too much. If it was major, like slaughtering a minor, I may need to get a guarantee beforehand and make sure this wouldn't become a career of sorts.

  • That is Not God.

    Thais not how God works. If you are hearing something you are uncertain of or suspect contradiction to the Bible, look it up and pray. If things do not match up, then it is probably an evil spirit enticing you. So in conclusion, compare to the scriptures to what you hear.

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