At 84, Dick VanDyke fell asleep on surfboard, floated away from shore and was rescued by dolphins: Is real life stranger than fiction?

  • Yes, life is stranger than fiction.

    Yes, real life is definitely stranger than any made-up story. The principle rule writers learn about how fiction is different from reality is that fiction has to make sense. Readers expect a deliberate internal logic to a story, but real life has no such requirement. Thus, Dick Van Dyke floating away only to be rescued by dolphins proves how what would require a suspension of disbelief in a work of fiction is an acceptable outcome in the real world, however fantastic it may seem.

  • You can't make it up.

    Each day, there are stories that we hear that no one would ever think to write. Especially since it wasn't just an ordinary person that it happened to, but a famous and funny person. Humans aren't creative enough to think of all the things that actually happen in real life in a day.

  • Yes real life is stranger than fiction.

    Real life is defiantly stranger than fiction. Just look at the president of the US. There are many stories from people that can't seem to be true but actually are.History is full of surprises. While the imagination is powerful, people could not possibly of thought of all the events that are going on today.

  • Yes, it does seem that life is stranger than fiction

    Yes, it does seem that life is stranger than fiction. It's almost hard to believe this particular story could be true, but if so how fitting that it would happen to a man who has spent most of his acting career bringing to life such heart-warming and spectacular stories. It's almost like something out of Mary Poppins.

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