At School, do we focus too much on European History?

Asked by: turtletycoon7
  • Nordic country's history, yes

    And I mean that in a bad way. We give too much glory to Denmark, Sweden and Great Britain (mostly the Scottish Lowlands). It's not suprising since it was Scotland that conquered North America and took it upon themselves to loot and steal and expand more land for the sake of white settlement.

  • Too Much On Euro

    I believe that in World History at school, we focus too much on European history. Despite the influence that Euro has on American society, we should put more light to the history of other cultures as well, since there were many wars and events that affected the rest of the world, but is not part of the school curriculum.
    For example, we only talk about the German part of the WW2 and the Holocaust in World History at school, although the Japanese actions in Asia were just as horrible.

  • Its not fair

    Their are other cultures that have contributed to the progression of the U.S. especially Africa the motherland of black people but American schools are so biased that they won’t teach black people about their history other than slavery, discrimination, and segregation. As a young black guy I think it’s unfair

  • In America, I take it?

    Yes. Yes we do. I'd be intrigued (least to most) to learn about pre-Columbian societies, Afrikan cultures, South and Southwest Asian civilizations, and especially East Asia. Call me a weeaboo for that last one, but I think American world history classes are too much about Europe and ignore the greatness of *all* of what I mentioned. World history wasn't all about Europe you know! Even Europe was taking in history from outside most of the time.

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Mike01506 says2014-05-21T13:05:50.913
What a ridiculous question, it's the Europeans (mainly British) who collonised America for Christ's sake, so learning about your own history is a no brainer.