• Not without humans making huge sacrifices.

    When Corona lockdowns happened, We seen the environment really repair itself. It was forced and painful. But it can be done at a very steep cost. Too steep.

    Sadly human nature of greed and apathy will never change. Greed of the rich wanting more money and not making cuts. And people's apathy of like it's not hurting us now. Let the future worry about it.

  • Our systems uphold climate change

    Consumerism, Capitalism, And overpopulation directly lead to the climate change. Theres nothing that can really be done unless we drastically change our lives and you know that Americans will never listen to that. I would recommend moving up North at your earliest convenience as states such as Texas and Florida will become inhabitable and climate change will cause a giant migration effect and destroy the housing market again.

  • Nobody will take real action against it

    While I don't believe the right is correct in fully denying climate change because I do believe it's real. The lefts solution is. . . . Not a solution. Even if we could afford the green new deal whether it tanks the economy or not the best thing it could do is slow down climate change and not even by that much. Plus wind turbines will slaughter birds so goodluck dealing with the bird lovers. On top of that the entire world needs to act on climate change especially china and india and if nobody acts on it then it doesn't matter what the U. S does. France always protests about it but never does anything about it, Countries like india, Pakistan and indonesia are polluters because it's part of their culture and china does it because they just don't care. Unless those countries start acting we're screwed.

  • Climate change (which is said to lead to extinction) Does not exist

    Climate change has been around since the beginning, The climate is always changing, We see this in the mini ice age, The roman warm period etc, Etc. There is no need to be alarmed, We are going to be OK. Climate change is natural and radical climate change is just a political tool for support and power.

  • More facts for you. . .

    You cannot change climate. It's part of the planet. Over a very long period of time, The earth warms and cools. This causes climates to change. It's been doing this for millions of years. Polar ice caps melt, Then refreeze every 1000 years or more. No one knows the exact times, But this happens so slowly that is does not affect human/animal life. We adapt to it through generations of life. We are a product of the environment, Not the other way around. We cannot change it, No matter what you do. Just live with it.

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