Atheism: Are religious institutions generally harmful?

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  • Churches Overall Have Neutral Impact

    Atheism asserts that religious institutions generally have a harmful influence in the world. Is that true? My stance is that though there are religious institutions that have had decidedly negative impact, much good has also been done through religion. We think of Waco, Ruby Ridge, the Kool- Aid murder/ suicides, the Inquisition, and countless evils that have come out of religious organizations. But many religious organizations, too, do good in the world. The Holy Adoration Sisters of Philadelphia live solely to silently pray for mercies for their fellow men, Mother Teresa helped millions, Father Judge who died in the World Trade Center was a compassionate man who died helping others. There are countless ills and countless blessed acts that have been done by religious institutions in the history of the world. I maintain that they at least balance out making it untrue that religious institutions are GENERALLY harmful.

  • No they arent.

    Religious institutions are not harmful. I myself am not religious and do not believe, however religious institutions have no affect on me or my beliefs. As long as religious people keep their opinions to theirselves they cause no harm to atheists. I will not go to their institution and it shouldnt harm me in any way.

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