Atheism: Are religious philosophies generally harmful (yes) or beneficial (no) in society?

  • Generally Harmful, yes.

    It should be noted that religious philosophies and religions themselves are capable of doing good things, and they often do. However, there is little to nothing good that they do that cannot be accomplished by non-religious means, and when considered along side the harm they do by their very nature, it is fair to say that they are harmful.

  • Religious Philosophies are Beneficial in our Society

    Many religious philosophies are beneficial in our society today. It may seem that it causes more conflict, but at the core root our country is founded upon people who escaped religious persecutions. Many religions do benefit our society, but they should be examined more closely to see how our people can benefit from them.

  • Yes, religious philosophies are generally harmful in society.

    While this isn't universally true, to most people who care little for reason or facts and instead rely on myth, this can be extremely dangerous. People of great power can change the way a society functions by manipulating legislation, and can do so on behalf of religious beliefs. Religion isn't a bad thing in any way, it is only bad for the people who allow it to substitute logical thinking and fair treatment.

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