• Short simple and sweet!

    I am an Atheist, I have read the Holy Bible, I have came to the conclusion that is a book of great stories but, that's all they are stories, I do not consider the bible as reailty, It is not logical to think that any of these stories may have genuanly happened. Further more where is the proof that such a great and almighty powerful god ever existed, You would think that there was a small speck of evidence over theses many century's to prove the theory that god exist's, I ask you, Where is it? May we see it? These are just my thought's, I would like to hear your's .

  • The fool says in his heart "there is a God"

    Atheism is intellectually honest. It allows people to justify purpose, knowledge and morals based on evidence and observation. Instead of doing anything because "it is God's will!" we can create ideas and theories such as The Social Contract to explain and justify cooperative society and morality. Ethics is not limited to the realm of spirituality, it can determined through evolution and rationality. If you deny reality and evidence, you condemn yourself to a life of absurdity.

  • Whatever people want to believe.

    Even though I consider myself an agnostic (some call that a cop-out, but I call it the only real rational choice in the matter), people can make their own decisions. To say there absolutely is no God is as narrow minded as saying there absolutely is one - there's circumstantial evidence galore to support both points. To say our whole human existence came about entirely by chance requires just as much faith as believing the world was created in 7 days by an omnipotent power. The fact is that nobody really knows, and to say you know for absolute certain (one way or the other) means that you're claiming to know that which is un-knowable.

    I will say this though - I generally find atheists much less annoying than religious folk.

  • Atheism is a reality based worldview, not a belief system.

    Truth, according to atheists, is what comports with reality, wherein cognitive faculties and sensory apparatus is utilized to infer information from reality. This process is Implemented rather than dogmatically asserting that truth, or knowledge pertaining to reality as assumed as infallible, is either a derivative of the Bible or that God is the ultimate truth, and that is not confined exclusively to Christianity.

  • There's no god

    Atheism is not a philosophy; it is not even a view of the world; it is simply a refusal to deny the obvious. Unfortunately, we live in a world in which the obvious is overlooked as a matter of principle. Sam Harris

    People who believe in god are stupid. You are literally guessing out of thousands of religions which have no prove than other. IM AN ATHEIST, THERES NO GOD, YOU ARE CREATED BY CHANCE EVOLUTION FROM NOTHING, YOU GO TO WHERE A ANINAL WAS BEFORE BIRTH. PRACTICING RELIGION SHOULD BE ILLEGAL

  • An obvious point

    Atheism is NOT a religion OR faith-based. The default position when considering a claim is non-belief. When I am told that leprechauns exist, I am skeptical and am 99.9% sure that they don't exist. If I am told that the Easter Bunny exists, I will be skeptical and 99.9% sure IT doesn't exist. I do not ,therefore, have faith that leprechauns don't exist, but simply lack enough evidence to say that they do. Also, we are not a religion. Atheism is only the non-belief in a God. If you refer to science, however, neither is it the case here, because science is based on doubts, challenging a theory and trying to prove it wrong. We have no authorities in science as far as people are concerned, but evidence and peer-revising is indeed held as superior to blind faith. So yes, atheism is the best position when a claim that has no evidence is presented. We (most of us) are 99.9% sure that God doesn't exist.

  • As an atheist myself, I am for it.

    Everyone should have the right to believe in God or not to, but seeing some of these other comments that say believers are idiots, I want to make it clear that I support Atheism, but I do not support the bashing of other religions that seems to be so closely associated with Atheism.

    I started as a Christian, and I have read the Bible (well, the general gist of it), and I have come to the conclusion that it makes no sense, at least to me. Therefore, I am Atheist, and other people should be allowed to come to their own conclusions as well.

  • Atheism is a lack of belief.

    We don't have all of the answers, so to claim that we do it to be intellectually dishonest. Enter atheism. We don't claim to know the answer, we just say that we have no reason to believe.

    Also, atheists don't walk around with immoral supernatural baggage as most believers do.

  • For, of course

    No rational person can be a theist. There is no evidence for the existence of any god or any other supernatural entity for that matter. When I speak of evidence I mean that which can be demonstrated and observed by others. This does not apply to any deity. I've never seen one, heard one, felt one, smelled one or tasted one and would not believe anyone who said they had unless they could demonstrate it to me in a scientifically observable way.

  • Atheism is all about Rationality, as Theism is mostly Irrational:

    Most of the the beliefs and documents of theism are extremely irrational, Bible, Qu'ran, Upanishads, you name it, they are all irrational and an open minded appraisal of theistic dogma can only also be deemed irrational.
    The Theistic subjective proof of their God, Cosmological, Teleological and Ontological arguments are all fallacious. The rampant stupidity of young earth creationism also drives rational people to Atheism, but most of all it was reading their Scripture that caused me to disbelieve in God.

  • The fool says in his heart "there is no God"

    Atheism is intellectually dishonest. Atheism does not have a justification for morals, purpose, knowledge, pretty much anything. Assuming most atheists are evolutionists also they hold to an absurd belief. Even if the atheist just doesn't believe in anything then his position is even worse because it has absolutely no basis. Everybody knows the true God who has revealed himself in creation and through his word. When you deny Him you end up with absurdity.

  • Atheism is Religious.

    I am Christian but I am a man that believes that both Religion and Science intertwine. But back to my supporting headline: My reasoning behind it is that truly Atheism needs belief and FAITH to believe their views and opinions so yes, Atheism and Theism is both simply the SAME thing.

  • I am not religious:

    I believe in individuals choice to pick what they believe. So long as they don't force me to share there beliefs, I have nothing against atheism or religion, I tend to believe in what I can see and touch. But that does not stop me believing in the possibility of god, even If I do not follow a particular religion, I will still pray from time to time to a being who may or may not exist. Why because part of me wants to believe there is more to life, because if this is all there is what is the point?

    Until you can prove to me that god does not exist 100%, I will never accept atheism as my personal belief system.

  • An obvious foe!

    I'm an enemy of atheism because it plainly a mentality from the pits of hell that deceives men and women with the most ridiculous of excuses not to render the worship that is due to God. An enemy of God is also my enemy.

    I will keep fighting atheism until my last breath.

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