• Of course it is

    They argue about stupid belief of their idea of God being fake ,but they know he is true.They just don't want to believe in a God that is so complicated to please and unable to be seen.I can say more ,but i just dont want to get on any conflicts I made several errors and i don't care because i'm not perfect and Yes i am christian i will go to heaven and if God wasn't real then we have nothing to worry about ,but if he is then we have something to worry about don't you think?

  • Both Atheism and Theism are equally ignorant.

    Religious ideals are based upon metaphysical ideals which we can neither see, Observe or experience in any way in a physical form.
    There is more evidence to support atheism but ultimately you can never know if there is any type of deity or not but there is evidence to support both arguments. Before anyone says atheism is completely grounded in fact even Aristotle observed that the beginning of the Universe must have been caused by a metaphysical being.
    In conclusion, Atheism and theism are both theories about something we can never know, So both arguments are completely ignorant to the facts as the facts state that WE DO NOT KNOW and WE CAN NEVER KNOW so anyone supposing that they know anything even if its that there is nothing; this is, By definition ignorance.

  • ATheism is very ignorant.

    ATheism is literally biased about what it believes or does not believe and attacks inhumanely with very diabolical words.

    If they engage in debate they usually see to it every listener (including atheists like them) gets very intriguing "data"... That you have to check with utmost deligence datum/data verity first.

    Be very quick.

  • This debate topic is ignorant

    Theism is just as ignorant as atheism. @Migrating you're unbelievably ignorant. No religion has proved with facts, credibility or has answered the questions that pose curiosity to the reality and likeliness of theism. Atheism has not proved with facts, credibility or has the answers the questions that rose from the investigation of theism. Religion is a theory as much as the big bang and to claim you know the how everything started is ignorant when in fact you, your priest and that scientist ALL don't know.

  • There's nothing ignorant about not believing in gods.

    There's no proof any have ever existed. You may as well claim that you believe in unicorns or leprechauns.

    But the question is flawed upon its face. Atheism is about not believing. Ignorance is about not knowing. And most atheists know quite a bit about religions; it's typically why we aren't religious.

  • Did I actually just see this....

    I do not know why I bothered to write an opinion to this intentionally offensive title.
    The definitions of both words are as follows:
    Atheism - disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.
    Ignorance - lack of knowledge or information

    Hence Atheism does not equal to Ignorance.

  • I don't see how.

    Ignorance is defined as "a lack of knowledge or information".
    Atheism is defined as "a lack of faith in the existence of a god".
    Faith is defined as "a belief in something without evidence".

    So, atheism involves not believing in something without corresponding evidence, and thus, not confirming something while having a lack of knowledge or information about it. That's sort-of the opposite of ignorance.

    Now, people that firmly declare "there is no god! RAWR!" could fall into the category of ignorance. It's an unfalsifiable hypothesis, after all. Just as positively claiming it is true without evidence is ignorance, so too is positively claiming it isn't true without evidence. Atheism just covers not accepting it as true without evidence.

  • No, no and no.

    It's the other way around if anything.
    There are countless facts to disprove religion, and that prove the word of 'god' is full of lies, yet religious people discard the fact and continue insulting people who don't agree with a bit of rag written by a series of monks a few thousand years ago.

    This' question' is just a statement, and it's an utterly ridiculous one.

  • No, it isn't!

    I myself am religious, but I don't see why atheism should be considered as ignorance. I mean, an atheist CAN be just as ignorant as someone who isn't one. But atheism (or theism for that matter) does NOT equal ignorance. The two characteristics are mutually exclusive and should remain as such.

  • Why is frank Sinatra here?

    I don't understand what... I mean...
    Well first of all I don't see how analyzing facts and trying to find a logical answer for questions would count as ignorant. If anything it would simply count as pointless but inquisitive. If you tell a man there's nothing in that other room, and he goes to look anyway, you count him overly cautious but not ignorant. If you're not an atheist than look upon the them as people who are investigating a room you've already seen.
    And also I'm still amused by Frank Sinatra

  • It's Nothing of the Sort.

    It's not that atheists can't be ignorant. Everybody is ignorant about something or another, I would even say a great many things. But atheists in particular are generally good at understanding that there are a great many unanswered questions out there. What they DON'T do is accept any facile answer that comes along, particularly if it's of the supernatural persuasion. They simply reject it, since it never has any proof or evidence to back it up.

    Now, atheism itself doesn't really explain anything, it simply precludes supernatural explanations. So for atheists who seek out explanations, science is where they go, because unlike religion or spirituality, which is based on belief without proof or evidence, science is precisely the opposite. It provides natural explanations corroborated by mountains of evidence. That is not ignorance, that is the opposite of it.

  • This topic is ignorant and offensive.

    To call atheists ignorant without a reason is offensive. It is the same if I created a new topic, put your name, and say "your name" is ignorant. Even if it was a debate you need to respect other people. Something unproven remains unproven till it is proven.

    On that note, atheism is in spite of ignorance.

    Posted by: L.D

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