• God Has To Be Real

    One) I am on the wrong side of this debate. I should be on the other side because the statement 'Atheism, No God' Yes is agreeing and no is disagreeing. But that's ok..

    Next) Words. Have you even seen a cat scratch out 'Feed me' on the kitchen floor? Or a wave wash up on the beach and suddenly in the sand is written 'Dead men tell no tales'? No, because language results from intelligence. Which so far only humans have showed. This points to intelligent design. (Even our cells have a 'code' called DNA that used language)

    Second (Or third) God has withdrawn from this world. He has left us to our own (Somewhat) He's not as open with his work as he once was. This is what humans always wanted. To not have to answer to a god. We can't complain.

    Forth) I'm went through a rough patch this summer. (I'm just starting to recover) I couldn't understand. Like Hunter695. I looked at the pain and at the Christians around me who didn't do anything. (They'd prey but look from afar) I gave up. I knew it's hopeless. I'm sort of back on track now thanks to a concert I went to.

  • Is there any DEFINITE proof of any god?

    There is more proof against god existing than there will ever be of any god being real. I mean just look at the news, what loving caring god would let even half of the crimes happen that we hear about. If he was real why are their children getting raped and murdered, why is there AIDS, why do people get kidnapped and tortured, why is their so much pain in this world? If god was real why would he let all this pain happen to innocent people. Why does he let people get killed, raped, burned alive in a house fire, get cancer. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!

  • A human idea

    The idea of a god is a human concept. It is a very powerful one for many reasons we all can understand. The debate whether god exists or not is in the end impossible to prove either way. I personally think we are all part of the process of the universe experiencing itself and that is good enough for me to make sense of it. Perhaps the multiverse always existed and therefor no creator needs to be invoked. We will really never know so I say chill.. Don't worry be happy haha

  • God could exist

    Hunter695: All your examples are things people choose to do not God and many religions have varying laws against them and diseases have always existed in every species not just humans.

    I don't accept atheism or any of the religions the thing I have come to believe in is Agnosticism, because so far no one can prove 100% either way that a God/s exists or not.


    And even if all the religions are wrong, the concept of a God had to come from somewhere, maybe God is not what we expect, maybe God does not care about our worship, maybe God has no interest in us what soever, maybe God is fiction nobody knows for certain.

    Simply saying something does not exist because you lack the means to prove otherwise, is the kind of attitude that held science back for generations.

    At least religious people question their faith from time to time and accept everything written is not 100% accurate in holy texts, Atheists just flat out deny any possibility without providing conclusive evidence.

    All I know for certain, Is that I will try to be a good person, live a good life, if God exists and has the compassion the religions say God has I could go to heaven, hell or simply die. The truth is I don't know, I don't think anyone does for certain and am in no rush to find out.

    But people can believe what they want, that is their choice so long as they do not force their belief on me or others.

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intellectuallyprimitive says2014-10-20T19:40:02.217
Atheism: no beliefs in a god.