Atheists and agnostics is it wrong to have kids and continue "gods" cruel cycle of happiness and misery? Not interested in religious drivel.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Happy lives are not important and there is no reason in the universe why we must live.

    Preventing pain suffering and misery however is. If you have kids billions of people are going to experience misery you probably cant imagine. Its easy to say happiness is a choice when you have it as you dont have to be happy when you have the ability but happiness is bound up with the chemicals in our brains and i assure you not everyone can be happy nor could anyone in some many situations. It is cruel to bring innocent beings into a cruel cold world. Almost everything about life sucks. People would find "good" in a world full of only bad. And if you believe god exists than i must point out that he has to be evil if that is so. He put animals in the wild to rip each other to shreds for food to survive and gave them survival instincts and set up our nerves and brains to where we would feel great pain when someone wanted to hurt us. Then he didnt teach humans right from wrong and as most evil is done in the name of righteousness it is his fault as an inevitable result of his creation and the way he set things up. He could have taught us right from wrong and not have made us feel so much pain and misery while others get to be happy while happiness is just out of some our reaches. F you god if your up there!

  • People are hardwired to say no.

    Spokesperson of the human animal the thing we call a mind is just an excuse giver. The decision of having kids has very little to with pleasure and pain as a motivater, those come after the fact or the action. In the moment there's a strong desire, an itch that has to be scratched the reasons come afterwards and they're usually lame.

    The result of this debate is not at all surprising. Millions of years of adaptations have gone into the answers. Anti natalists are aberrant but honest.

  • Not interested in religious drivel...BUT

    BUT you keep mentioning anti-religious remarks. If you don't want religious drivel, then don't go there at all; focus on your topic without your own anti-religious drivel.

    If you don't want religious drivel, but still want an answer, I challenge you to watch "The Secret" which is a documentary on positive thinking. It discusses something called "The Law of Attraction." Whatever you focus on is what you will attract. If you keep focusing on negative things, that is what you will attract. Praying can be considered meditating, clearing your mind, relaxing your stress and focusing on positive things.

    Read this:
    By Harmony Thomas
    from Bend,OR

    Our son had a difficult birth, and we were told that he would have Cerebral Palsy from the stroke that he had suffered from on the left side.

    Not really knowing the outcome, and the doctors giving us their early assessments, my husband and I were buried in emotions.

    The Secret came at such a crucial time in our lives. It snapped me back and out of the postpartum and unknown. I started praying and thanking and really focusing on feeling good. Parking spaces and free coffees were the easy things.

    We have poured many hours into our son... We have our gratitude rocks, we have our vision boards, we have each other, and we have pure love....

    Our son is turning one in a couple of months, and has been given the ok by his doctor that he is fine, he does not have Cerebral Palsy and will not have Cerebral Palsy.

    He is fine! He's more than fine. He is our son.

    Believe in yourself and believe in others.
    Peace be with you.

  • This is a silly question.

    Life altogether does not need to discontinue solely because there's a good chance you may suffer. In fact, many people who suffer their whole lives do not think in this way. They aspire to have children in hopes they can provide them with a better life. Life is all about dis-contentedness and contentedness. Where if at any point you experience the first your reason to live is to try to achieve the latter. If at any point you experience the latter your reason to live is to make sure you do not experience the first. Misery cannot exist without happiness. If all the miserable people in the world died off, some of the remaining people will inevitably become miserable. Similarly, if all the happy people in the world died off, there would be plenty of room for some of the remaining miserable people to become happy. Equilibrium is the way in which our universe operates on all aspects.

  • Its not wrong to have children:

    Whats your point no one is happy for every moment of their lives, if people want to have children they can go ahead and have them.

    Claiming people should not have children because not all of their life will be perfect or easy is nonsense, it would be the same as saying no one should ever take risks in their lives, without risk their is no reward no enjoyment in life.

    Both giving credit for all the good and Blaming god for everything bad is also nonsense people cause the world to change both is good ways and bad.

    I won't rule out the possibility of a god, that may or may not have created us but I will not expect an all powerful being to care about my existence let alone my personal happiness.

  • Steffon66. Wow. Just… Wow.

    I can definitely believe you when you say you're miserable. But ultimately (and this is my personal belief), you can make a decision as to whether or not you will be happy or miserable. Sure, you may not always have control over everything that might give you these initial feelings. But, as far as think that ending life is the only way to fix it, my mantra is this: Suicide is permanent reaction to feelings which are temporary.
    Meaning, if you're willing to keep your head up, wait it out, and pursue the things that will make you happy, you will get there. Be patient. And if you're in a position or place in your life where you feel like you can support a child, create a good environment to grow up in, if you think you can prepare your children for upcoming hardships, then I say DO IT!
    Misery, sadness, melancholy. They're inevitable feelings. Without them, we wouldn't fully be able to appreciate the good things, the things that give us joy. You have to be able to manage these feelings though. You can't let them control you.
    If you don't want kids, or you think the world is too tough for kids, you absolutely don't have to have children. But man, that's not fair to say that other people shouldn't have kids either. Christian, buddhist, hindu, islamic, agnostic, atheist, doesn't matter. Having kids doesn't contradict or belittle anyone's beliefs.
    It sounds like you might be going through some rough stuff, Steffon. I'm not sure what it is, but I hope you find a better emtional state soon. Wouldn't wish that kind of unhappiness.

  • If it`s meant to be, it`s meant to be.

    For the first part of your question, "Is it wrong to have kids?"...
    Giving birth could not be classified as either right or wrong. The very act or statement of having kids is neutral, doesn`t matter what kind of religion or beliefs you`re involved with.

    Next, "Continue 'God`s' cruel cycle of happiness and misery?"...
    I agree that life is full of cruel cycles of happiness and misery, and that life is not fair. But that is the very essence of life, the very meaning of it. If a person lives through his or her life without the constantly changing states of happiness and misery, then the person is not really living a life, but a robot in his or her own form. To cut it out and stop having kids so they don`t end up living these cycles is just illogical.

  • No, it's not wrong.

    I'm agnostic here - just so you know.

    In any case, no it is not wrong to have kids. It is a fact of nature even without considering any Godly (here I mean a higher/divine power, force or entity, as I will mean every time I mention God) aspect. Humans are in fact animals, and animals are hardwired to want to breed and have babies so as to continue their species. As such, would it be wrong for cats to have kittens or dogs puppies? If the answer here is no, than that is the answer to your question for humans are no different (ignoring the whole building society, believing in God, etc. stuff).

    Atheists would not believe that having kids would continue God's cruel cycle of happiness and misery as they do not believe a God exists. Those who are agnostic (or at least me) do not believe this either as they are generally on the fence in the fact that one cannot yet prove that a God does or does not exist, and as such that 'cycle of misery and happiness' may or may not be a God's cruel cycle. As such, this unknowing is no reason not to have kids (at least to me). To religious people, God's cycle is not cruel and generally to believe in God is to strive for happiness and as such is a reason to have children.

    But it is my belief that people, when having children, do not have them merely to continue a cycle put in place by a god or to continue any cycle really (except to carry on the family name, etc.). They have kids because they want to have kids and experience the great joy (and hardship, especially if you're the one giving birth) of bringing life into the world.

    Your question is pretty much like this one: is it wrong to have kids and continue the creation and destruction that human kind has brought upon the Earth? In short, it is not wrong, because firstly it is nature, and secondly, how do you know the children being born will continue the cycle anyway (same for your question). So no, it is not wrong.

  • Being that atheist don't believe a god exists the question is moot.

    People that accept responsibility for their lives don't blame fairies, leprechans, or god for their troubles. We look at the problem and try to solve it. This works much better than praying for circumstances to change.
    Atheists having children has nothing to do with your personal resentment of your god. Atheists don't have to deal with that resentment because we don't believe a god exists. So, it;s not an issue.

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