Atheists and theists should just try to get along!

Asked by: Hunter695
  • I see no reason why we should keep fighting.

    I know that a lot of theists are okay with my atheism just like i am okay with peoples theism. So why can't we all just get along, and those people trying to continue the argument need to just stop. We should all just be able to get along and accept each others differences.

  • This is how I think.

    I bereave that there is no after life of any kind. So it is very important not mater how cruel and unjust or how much others hurt you to always return this with kindness, or at lest tolerance. Because our lives are so short that what we do now matters. Every thing you say, and do makes a difference. If you have helped another person better their lives through your actions and causes the world 9or just one person.) is a little better. And, in doing that I see there is no after life these actions do not come from a belief of some eternal reward nor fear of damnation.

  • Simple tolerance is necessary

    There is no reason why no one gets along. If you truly are trying to convert someone, then treating them like garbage isn't the answer. It's difficult to stand for a book that teacher acceptance and tolerance, and then not accept someone because they don't see things the same way.

  • It's everyone's own choice!

    If someone chooses to believe I the existence of God or not its their choice! It is fine! What is not fine however,is of a person thinks its okay to voice negative opinions about god, ie swearing at him and saying hers useless etc because its downright disrespectful and unnecessary!!!

  • Hell is bd

    As James said. If Christianity is true, which it is, atheists are both hell-bound themselves and dragging others down with them. This is a terrible thing and anyone who knows enough of the truth to see this cannot in conscience be silent. This doesn't mean that is all they should do or that they need to be acrimonious (it would be counterproductive), but religious indiferentism is merely callous disregard for the eternal wellbeing of others.

  • You are wrong.

    Atheists and theists should not "just try to get along." If Christians are right, then atheists are doomed to an incredibly horrible eternal imprisonment in a very hot place known to some as HELL.

    If atheists are right . . . Well, Christians are wrong, and are immorally imposing their absolute morals on others. Christianity has been responsible for millions of people entering the void happy, thinking that an eternal paradise awaits. If atheists are right, this is a false hope and Christianity has got to shut up about it.

    Bottom line-- if we care about truth and care about others, it is our moral duty to show them the truth (assuming we are certain beyond a reasonable doubt we are right in the first place).

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