• No they donty

    I never saw a monkey in my life, or a komodo dragon, or the sphinx, but I know they exist, pretending like "if God exists some crazy event will happen" is insanity because that would not be the results of a God, what you will notice is a crap loaf of natural anomalies, and there are!

  • Well, there's your argument - right there!

    I have seen each of the examples you have given. Can I dismiss God now? No.

    The problem you have with this line of argument is that it is so very empty that it appears YOU have not thought. Most atheists are agnostic. They know they can not prove there is no God, the only way for this to work is for a god to prove himself. Unlike monkeys, God has done little to prove existence.

    If you challenge me to prove monkeys, I will do it today. Little real problem, my son would like a trip to the zoo.

    Posted by: TBR
  • Of course they think.

    It's the same as theists - both are asserting things without proof.

    I don't agree with either group, there, but that both groups think is obvious.

    Fairly hard for me to believe that somebody hasn't seen a monkey. No zoos? Whether or not they've been to a zoo, the strange incoherence of the writing on the other side remains unexplained.

  • I have thoughts.

    Well, now there needs to be a bunch of unnecessary fluff here to support my headline. To start, I'm a human. Yup. A human being. A person. I don't have any disabilities; I'm in perfect health besides the fact that I'm dying every second. And, well, I think. Just like everyone else. 'Cause atheists are people too.

  • Saying that atheists don't think is extremely stupid. Those who believe in God think less!

    Religion is a cripple, as far as knowledge and thinking has is concerned, and this has been true throughout history. Religion gives you a certain set of guidelines that those who worship take as fact. Throughout history, this has proved to be crippling for science as a whole. Many scientists, like Galileo, have proven something to be true, using equations and formulas that have been proven to work, and therefore can prove something to be true, instead of just believing in it. When he stated that the earth revolved around the sun, as we know it does, religion struck him down, even though what he said was entirely factual, and the only basis they had for accusing him of blasphemy was something that is based entirely on faith.

  • Lol the only person who says yes obviously didnt think very long about his opinon

    Lol. You say you know god is there like you know monkeys etc. are there. We have pictures of monkeys etc. and plenty of people own them while no one has seen god and no one has pictures or any evidence of god. To say that these things are the same is ridiculous. Its because of lazy thinking people like you and liars that we dont believe in god. God couldnt have created time without any time to do it and couldnt have created everything as this would mean he is made of nothing and therefore non existent.

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ButterCatX says2015-09-27T13:26:29.683
Does this mean that people who are agnostic (like myself) only partially think??
harrytruman says2015-09-27T16:00:06.213
No, it just means they're better at science than history
ButterCatX says2015-09-27T16:17:03.857
But I like History more than science. I also really like math and programming. How do these answers fit in.
harrytruman says2015-09-27T16:39:30.507
That's the weirdness of it,