• Atlantis is real

    I think that Atlantis is real because It's it a lost city I saw real pictures and my trip to Atlantis we scuba dived and i saw what I saw on the pictures. The real Atlantis! Even though the lost city is a myth, doesn't mean that it is true.

  • Evidence of atlantis is left all around the world.

    Atlantis was finally destroyed around 309,000 years ago. In our time system that would be about 8,498 B.C They built statues and glass pyramids on the moon. They also built the pyramids under the Bermuda and devils triangle. Theirs also one in Russia, Japan, Ural mountains,and north and south poles, 5 in total on earth. These were used to store and use nuclear, and solar energy like a lacrima. DO the research!!!! The American goverment suppresses most of this information but simply do the research and this will prove itself. I understand some sources may be questionable but bear with me.


    you can learn the rest....Enjoy the adventure.

  • There is no evidence

    Atlantis was written by Plato. It was story probably about the Minoans or just a story with a moral that even the most advanced civilizations can fall with corruption, or something of that nature. All the evidence in favor of Atlantis is false and the claims made by some believers can be debunked with rationality alone.

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