ATT spying on Americans for profit: Should technology companies be allowed to spy on Americans without a warrant?

  • A warrant should be required for spying

    Technology companies should be required to get a warrant in order to spy on Americans. Although it may stop potential terrorists quicker without having to get a warrant, there is too much room for abuse. Technology companies would have a tremendous amount of power, which can be a threat to individual freedom.

  • I think technology companies should only spy with a warrant.

    While the thought of technology companies such as ATT spying on citizens is shocking, there should be cases where it is permitted provided their is evidence that it is necessary given a warrant. For national security purposes it may be necessary to spy on certain individuals to prevent terrorist attacks from occurring.

  • ATT has violated the trust of Americans

    The revelation that ATT has been spying on Americans for profit shows that large technology companies do not care about the rights and privacy of their customers. The actions of ATT go beyond legal compliance with request from law enforcement agencies. It is not done for the public good. It is simple spying for profit.

  • No, technology companies should not be allowed to spy on Americans without a warrant.

    No, technology companies should not be allowed to spy on Americans without a warrant because we all have a right to privacy. If technology companies can spy on anyone they want, who will be safe? What will they do if they find something illegal? It is too much of a slippery slope.

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