• Yes, terrorist attacks seem to be the new normal

    Yes, terrorist attacks seem to be the new normal. While terrorism should never be tolerated and accepted without question and without efforts to eliminate them, it does seem they are happening more and more frequently. Each attack is a horrible scene and difficult to watch on television, it also seems we've gotten used to them.

  • Terrorism is not normal!

    We should never sit back and just start calling terrorism normal! We cannot allow it, and let people think that it is ok. We must not be complacent. We have to continue to fight against terrorism. From security to education, we need to combat terrorism and work toward a more peaceful world. Never will terrorists attacks be considered normal!

  • They should never be the new normal.

    I can't believe this attacks keep on happening, but we cannot consider them to be normal and turn a blind eye towards them. We need to acknowledge there is a problem, find the people who can solve it and then do whatever it takes to get rid of terrorists. This doesn't mean sending soldiers to the Middle East is the answer, the problem is far to pervasive for that.

  • Terrorist attacks should never be considered normal.

    If terrorist attacks ever get to the point of being considered normal, then the human race is in some serious trouble. This type of criminal activity needs to be handled with great vigilance. The minute we consider this type of activity "normal", the terrorists will have won. Therefore we must actively continue the battle against terrorism.

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