• The attack on Dallas cops could lead to riots.

    Although it makes little sense because it was the police who were attacked, there are some people who will want to incite riot no matter what. The United States has a lot of angry people right now and it is going to be a long, hot summer - using the attack on the Dallas officers as an excuse to riot is a distinct possibility.

  • This was a riot.

    We have just seen the first revolt of surely several to come against law enforcement. I personally
    believe that federal government has to step in and do something to correct the behaviors of these rogue cops. We can only see what is going to happen next, but if it were to be a riot, I don't think it would be as major as the Dallas shooting.

  • More Riots Likely To Come After Dallas Attack

    From what I have learned, mostly from watching CNN, there is a major disconnect in the United States between those who police the communities and the communities themselves. Until these two groups learn to come together and trust one another, I fear there can only be more violent social unrest to come in the near future.

  • Riots are Invevitable

    American political culture has reached a fever pitch when it comes to race relations. Groups like Black Lives Matter have inspired anti-police demonstrations, which in part inspired the shooting of Dallas police officers. It is likely that pro-police demonstrators will rally to protest their deaths, and they will almost certainly clash with BLM protesters.

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