Attacks on free speech are getting more and more frequent: has our era of political correctness gone mad?

  • Yes, it has.

    Universities are by and large the worst example of this madness. Half the micro-aggressions aren't even aggressions, and the whole idea is ridiculous, safe spaces only encourage people to bully people who even go there after they leave, and the "free-speech zones" should be expanded to encompass the entirety of America. If someone says something you don't like, ignore them or engage in a friendly debate. If someone insults you, bear no mind and continue on your way. Just because someone says something about you doesn't make it true, so stay strong and move on. Retreating to "safe-spaces" will only make you weaker and more susceptible to insults, creating a vicious cycle of, for lack of a better term, butt-hurt!

  • Yes, that it has.

    It's utterly ridiculous seeing individuals being fired from teaching or coaching positions for some racist remark made in private. Freedom of speech is de jure recognised in this country, but it doesn't exist de facto if one is to suffer such harsh penalties for saying something in private that is disagreeable to most people. Heil the American Reich!

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  • Of course we have a problem

    Free speech depends on all of us to be a reality. It's not just whether government jackboots are kicking down your door. Almost any individual has the power to inhibit free speech whether it be by violence, threats, doxxing, shouting people down, getting people fired, harrassment, getting speakers barred, or getting speeches stopped. If that becomes a norm the next step will be those in power stepping on free-speech and government jackboots will be kicking down doors. Social justice is the new McCarthyism, only in an environment of true liberalism does free speech thrive.

  • PC is ruining the west

    Colleges all over the west are banning words, nonliberal opinions and speakers who hold those non-liberal opinions. Privileged rich SJWs attending prestigious expensive universities are being coddled and protected from words that make them uncomfortable and opinions they disagree with. These SJWs are becoming even more hostile and agressive towards those with differing opinions and are even disrupting events hosted by speakers they don't like. Several of Milo Yiannopoluses talks have been disrupted by protesters who took away his mice, yelled out while he was speaking and even jumped onto his stage. This is madness. A college student has the right to attend a talk without that talk being ruined by bratty SJWs. Political correctness needs to end.

  • The attacks aren't on free speech

    The attacks are on common sense and decency. We are quick to flare our tempers and declare our first amendment rights have been trampled when any narrow-minded fool speaks their piece. Perhaps it would be wiser still to the the arrogant, the perverse and the backward have their say and talk themselves out of relevance. On going litigation and constitutional issues lend these people credence and time they do not deserve.

  • People just want to complain.

    There are times when people go too far with their speech and they need to be put in check. But in some cases people do not think of the context of the speech but also people that intentionally try to belittle someone with hate speech need to be kept in check. It's a very tight rope but we just need to learn to respect other people's opinions and lifestyles for that matter, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

  • Yes, absolutely it has

    The value of free speech. Very odd in the age of the internet, which was supposed to foster free speech, it is not the tool that enables everyone to be silenced by ravenous mobs attacking anything and anybody they do not agree with. George Orwell would be very frightened indeed

  • No, freedom of speech is not unlimited.

    Often these "attacks on free speech" are not attacks on free speech at all. If you are arrested or otherwise punished by the government for something you said that didn't directly cause harm to someone, that is an attack on free speech. If you lose your job with a private company for the same reason, or get attacked by private citizens, groups or media outlets, that is not an attack on free speech. You have the freedom to say what you want, within reason, and other people have free speech to criticize your free speech.

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