Attorney-Client Privilege: Should the attorney-client privilege be abolished?

  • The Attorney-Client Privilege should be abolished.

    In court the defendant, or anyone else that is brought up to speak, they have to swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. If the defendant knew his client did the crime then without the law being abolished they would be practically forced to lie. They would be defeating the purpose of telling just the truth. That is practically like almost breaking the law. Say the defendant wins that case and the person being accused is set free but was really guilty, then you have a guy that just got away. Why would you let a guilty man free? If this law was abolished then the case could simply end a lot earlier and a guilty man is sent to prison and justice is served.

  • Attorney-Client privilege should not be abolished.

    Attorney client privilege should not be abolished.The attorney client peivilege should be preserved at almost any cost.This is one of the most basic rights that American citizens enjoy and has to do with basic justice and fairness because most average citizens would not be able to defend themselves in a crime

  • Attorney-Client Privilege is Sacred

    I am in favor of retaining attorney-client privilege as it is on the books. The concept of this, along with the right to legal representation, dates back decades, if not centuries. The relationship is a particularly special, if not sacred, relationship that requires the absolute freedom for a client to be able to discuss the facts pertaining to their case with their legal counsel. If you were to tamper with it, you are tampering with the broader issues of civil liberties that are crucial to a free and democratic society. For this, I am opposed to any effort to abolish the attorney-client privilege.

  • No, it shouldn't

    The legal system, for the most part, functions well. Attorney-client privilege is an important part of proper representation in the courtroom and keeping trials on the right track and away from distractions. It, like all other parts of the system, can at times be incredibly frustrating, but overall it does more good than harm.

  • No, the attorney client privilege should not be abolished.

    The only way for an attorney to properly defend a client is for the attorney to know exactly what happened on the event in question. Removing the attorney client privilege would in effect hamper any defense that an attorney could provide. I would love for more people to be convicted of crimes but this is not the way to do it.

  • No it will ruin the justice system

    Attorney client privilege is a key element of our current justice system. There is nothing beneficial from getting rid of this. Those charged with a crime have a right to get proper representation and the only way to do that is if they are free to be completely honest with their lawyer.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Attorney-client privilege gives communications between a client and their attorney confidentiality. This is especially important when a sensitive matter is at hand. It should not be abolished because clients need someone they can turn to and they need it to be confidential. This is a big part of hiring a lawyer.

  • The attorney-client privilege is important.

    I believe that for the most effective representation in a court of law and in order that the accused gets the best possible defense and representation, the attorney-client privilege is essential. In the past, the attorney-client privilege has been upheld by the Supreme Court and I believe is very important to a fair justice system.

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