• Allow more revealing clothes

    Alright. I think we all agree why we see any women's sports. . . And it's not skill. If it was skill, We could just enjoy a game in the men's league between two teams both ranked probably in the 500s which is equivalent to women's world first and second team. No. We watch women's soccer to enjoy those jiggling titties and bouncing asses. 22 titties and asses clashing, Squeezing and smashing each other in perfect harmony. That's what women's sports is about. The women's volleyball league realizes this, That's why they only allow players to wear very short and revealing dresses. And it's really enjoying! No one gives a damn about the game in volleyball, And everyone present including the players know the audience loves to watch them jiggle. I think if Women's World Cup needs to generate more money, They should allow dresses that reveal more skin. That's what the game is about!

  • Absolutely the hell not

    You should not force athletes into "more revealing clothing" for the sole perverse purpose of your pleasure. If you want women in revealing clothing, Go to a strip club or porn hub, Not sports. These women are playing SPORTS for the SOLE purposes of getting better and winning. Nothing else (that I can think of) and CERTAINLY NOT to appeal to your fantasies.

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