Auburn's New Coach: Will Bruce Pearl lead Auburn to a championship?

  • It's Always Possible

    I believe it is possible for Bruce Pearl to lead Auburn to a championship, but I hope the new coach upholds team players duty to maintain their grades. I think some of these athletes are getting more than a free ride and that means money wasted when it should have been used for education.

  • Yes,they can do it

    Yes, he will lead them to a championship. Nobody questions that Pearl is a good coach. He took Tennessee to the NCAA tournament six years running. But the long time consensus has been that Auburn ranks alongside Ole Miss as the worst job in the SEC. The Tigers have run through four coaches and enough is enough.

  • He'd better with that contract

    No one really knows what will happen in the future. However it seems as if Auburn is trying to put as many pieces in place as possible to help Bruce Pearl lead the Tigers to a championship. He's had a pretty decent run with Tennessee and other teams. It's disappointing that he seems to have been in violation of NCAA rules and has done some shady things in the past. However in time, I think he'll get Auburn to a championship.

  • No, Auburn's new coach will not lead them to a championship.

    I do not think that Auburn's new coach, Bruce Pearl, will lead the college to a national championship in the sport. I think that while he may have some pretty good credentials, I do not think that they have the right team to win something like a national championship and trophy.

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