Auctioneers offering guarantees: Should auctioneers offer guarantees (yes), or does this create a conflict of interests (no)?

  • Guarantees Would Increase Bids

    If auctioneers offered guarantees, bidding would increase and bids would go higher. Guarantees are a way for buyers to know what they are buying is a sound investment. Guarantees don't create a conflict of interest, they create a better system for everyone involved. Buyers and sellers can know a third party will evaluate what is true and what is not when it comes to an auction.

  • Yes, because more artists will agree to sell.

    Yes, auctioneers should offer guarantees, because that gives seller the confidence to place their work or their pieces up for auction. Without a guarantee, some sellers might be hesitant to place their work for auction, not knowing what the outcome will be. A professional auctioneer can make a guarantee in order to entice additional business and earn a profit.

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