Audi driverless car hits 140 miles per hour: Would you trust driverless cars on the highway?

  • Absolutely no downside

    I so much looking forward to the day this becomes a reality!
    No more people killed in traffic, my children are transported safely free from temptations of speeding, I can sleep or work on may way, the family will only need one car, it will drive my to the door of all my appointments and I will have the freedom even when I'm physically unfit to drive a car myself :)

  • Driverless cars should not be trusted on the highways.

    There has been a large "push" for driverless cars. Audi has one that will go 140 MPH. In my opinion, this is a crazy move to allow these cars. Technology has been shown to have flaws. What will happen when a driverless car has a "bug" and kills many people?

  • Driverless cars are too unpredicable.

    No, to trust a computer driven machine that is capable of hitting 140 miles per hour is ridiculous. There are many times when computer electronics have failed or been maliciously hacked. Would you be willing to trust a driverless car, when cars could be as lethal as a loaded gun that has only a computer program to fire it? Just imagine a computer system's failure in a car that is driving the speed limit of 70 miles per hour, along with other traffic, and all of the sudden it hits the brakes, do to a computer malfunction or outside influences. Now imagine you are on an extremely busy freeway and the speed limit is 60 miles per hour and the driverless car is now accelerating to over 100 miles per hour. There is the argument that humans are flawed and are responsible for many of the lethal accidents that take place on the road, today. Although human beings do have lapses in decision-making while driving, to trust a machine being powered by a computer brain would only be another step towards reliquishing our power to become non-analytical beings, which would eventually result in the de-evolution of mankind.

  • No, a car needs a driver to be safe.

    No, I would not trust driverless cars. I believe that although the technology is getting better, it still has not reached a stage where I would be comfortable with it. First, the manufacturers would have to prove that the car is capable of dealing with any problems which may arise on the road, as people who would own a driverless car probably would not have a particularly high standard of driving and would not be able to take control of the situation.

  • Trusting Driverless Cars

    I have a very hard time trusting driverless cars. I'm sure with new technology they are safe but I'm too much of a control freak when it comes to my family that I would not use a driverless car. Currently, driverless cars are allowed in four states. I am thankful that I do not live in one of those states. I hope it is just a fad that doesn't become a new trend that everyone does.

  • I like to be in control

    Driverless cars are run by a computer. This means that if this computer in your car make a slight mistake, it could be disastrous. I would not place my life in the hands of a computer. I also love driving my 2001 Audi TT. Driverless cars would take all the joy out of driving

  • Robots rule the world

    These cars should not be allowed in our world. By allowing these cars you are basically telling the world you would want robots being our drivers. It will start with the cars and next thing we know we will be a part of a country that is run by robots

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