• If it looks like a duck

    It is time to stop being surprised that elite old white men might turn out to be sexist and racist. Holding political office does not render one a Saint, and the reality is that people who are running those circles tend to hold old world views of, well, the world. He's been a racist his whole life - force him to resign, but be glad the truth came out.

  • Yes, he appears to be

    The statements he was caught making are very offensive to minorities, women and the disabled. If he is that cavalier about insulting people from these groups, he must not think highly of them or care about their dignity. His comments sound like he judges people based on their race, sex and ability, which is bigotry.

  • Yes, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is a racist.

    In leaked audio, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts is heard comparing black people to chimps. Anyone who makes a comment such as this obviously holds a deep racial bias, especially considering that, according to reports, this is not the first time he has been heard making such offensive and prejudicial remarks.

  • I don't think Jim Fouts is a racist and the audio tapes were fakes

    I think it is most likely that Jim Fouts is the victim of a cruel prank and he will be vindicated in due time. If you look at his track record as a mayor in a racially mixed town, it seems clear that he wouldn't say such things. Jim Fouts is not a racist.

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